Hourly Creative Direction


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Many times, artistic projects will fall short of the intended mark – simply because the composition and storyline weren’t fully developed!

Your strongest tool in delivering a sustainable art project is hitting the bullseye, in regards to the needed synchronicity between the art form and the overall message.

To put it simply; we make sure that, for your and the consumers’ sakes, all of the creative components mesh seamlessly – to create an inherent feeling of inclusion to the experiencer.

However, in order to attract mainstream distribution or project buyouts/acquisitions; the project has to implement vital puzzle pieces that support mainstream marketability.

Our job is to ensure that the final version includes those marketable pieces, while still maintaining the original integrity of your creative vision!

We are hired to monetize your vision and provide a few “cheat codes” for your success. This immensely expands your range of potential for being seen on major platforms; inevitably widening existing revenue stream opportunities, but also creating new ones.

The scope of our creative direction is wide; ranging from entertainment to advertising & event styling!

You can order this service “a la carte”, as per your specific needs.

We look forward to assisting on your new project!